I saw the Bat..

I saw the Bat, flying low. From one giant tree to another. I wonder why. Why does it not seem peaceful? Why can’t it be at one place, possibly at a place where it is welcome, and be calm?  Why does it have to move, change places? I wonder why. I now see it on a coniferous tree. It hung on the lowest branch, but then moved upwards touching every branch. Disturbing the tree. Awaking its sleeping leaves. I close my ears when it makes a high-pitched sound. Chaos. Unnecessary disruption. A sense of unrest. I wonder why.

In the dark night, this tree is alone and ghostly. It looks powerful, but it also gives shelter to the Bat, a bad omen. The dark blue sky and the shining stars do not make this tree look affirmative. I wonder why. I wonder who is unfortunate, the tree for giving power to the Bat to ruin its peace or the Bat for being evil, for interrupting the tree when the whole world is asleep. I wonder who.  I wonder can the one who upsets the other be content. I wonder can the one who gets disturbed be content?  I wonder who is content. I wonder who is at peace. I wonder who wins. I wonder can winner be actually a loser. I wonder.

I wonder if a mind is like a tree. Standing tall. All alone but powerful. Having so many branches – capabilities. Having numerous leaves – plans. But then at night, a bat comes. A bad omen. A bad thought. That questions every capability. Produces self-doubt. Ruins plans. Creates chaos. And the tree can do nothing. It is powerless in that moment. There is a beautiful sky and the shining stars around, but still the tree is not calm, because the bad thought is still hanging around. When the Bat leaves the tree for a moment, this tall representative of nature releases a sigh of relief. Bat notices the giant tree’s reaction from a distance, it smirks. It flies low. It comes towards the tree. The tree is unaware, unprepared. The Bat catches the lowest branch of the tree again – just like a bad thought. And then it ascends in the mind. Capturing every branch. Sometimes breaking the branch. Agitating the mind. Ruining the peace. But the Bat is smiling. Bat knows that the tree can’t deny shelter. That the mind can’t ignore the bad thought, even if the mind tries to. Bat wins. Tree suffers. As always.

The eyes do not know the chaos inside. They just know that something is not right. They close themselves. The ears understand the attack, but can’t do much. They look outside, try to overlook the inner chaos. The nose takes a deep breath as a last attempt to feel relaxed, but that does not stop the noise inside. The teeth bit the lips, use all the last drop of energy and alas, the senses give up. Only mind is active. Entertaining the Bat. Offering the branches and leaves. Looking at how the Bat moves from one topic to another. From one situation to another. From one person to another. Looking at how helpless the powerful being can be. But there is something that the mind does not forget. There is almighty. There is hope. There is a hope that the Bat will leave one night never to return.