My Dream..

As I wished everyone good-night and switched off the light, a dream was on its way that night

Thoughts were crowded and hence the scenes, I was clueless by all means

Something was lost and I was searching, I was trying my hard but nothing was working

Everyone whom I knew I could see in there, nobody knew I was heading where

I could see my office and my house, my paintings, writings and my laptop mouse

I suddenly walked to the station and boarded a train; looking at me people thought I was insane

I traveled for some time and then got-off the train; I could see some stairs in the rain

I walked on the stairs and reached the airport, I was allowed to board a flight without a passport

I was still unsure what I was looking for, It was uncertain if I needed a peace or a war

The plane took off and there was no other human, there was a single seat and windows were open

I could feel the wind and the sun, where I was heading was the question

The plane landed in some time and I came out of airport, to my surprise there was a sea-port

I boarded the boat and kept traveling; I thought my destination was nearing

As the beach arrived I could see something, It was far but surely amazing

I started running to see what was there, maybe it was something I was already aware

As I reached there I was stunned, it was not gold or a diamond

I could see a bunch of all colors; those were followed by a path of flowers

I was amused and I kept going, it was unknown for me what was waiting

The path took me to a world of fragrance; I could see then a known entrance

I went inside and could see someone, I was not certain but maybe she was my loved one

As she turned I could see her face, it was me with a full grace

She was content and smiling, She was not real me but was appealing

I could figure what I was looking for, she was happy and I was not

I woke up and started thinking; I had everything I still feel something was missing

I was in a search of happiness when I had everything to embrace

Happiness is not to be searched but to be created, whether I am with people or isolated

My dream helped me find something I was searching for a while; I learned that whatever is the situation I should always smile!