I am with me…

I was scared I was shy, it is a fact that I can’t deny

I must accept that I used to be confused, I kept the talent I had unused

The confidence was almost zero, I was afraid of greeting people with a single hello

My days were spent thinking about others, what people think about me I used to wonder

Days passed by and then years, nothing was growing in my head but fears

Gradually I realized something, on my every failure people were clapping

I ignored their reaction somewhere; I shared with everybody my despair

To my surprise people were happier than before, making me curious more

I decided to do something different that time, I worked hard and overtime

No time was wasted in thinking about people, focus and efforts were made double

Feeling that something is achieved, I decided to share the news with everybody that I succeed

Again to my surprise nobody was happy, except a few others were hurt badly

The law of society could not be ignored, I learned that the fear of society I could not afford

I started learning from that day, world is not black and white but grey

More efforts then were put; the goal was to double the output

I gradually got the wings of confidence; I pushed myself hard
without the fear of consequence

The thinking was changed and hence the things, those were followed by series of wins

Now I am no shyer, I put more energy in my wings – I want to fly higher

I have found the key to success; hard work, dedication and willpower always ensure progress

The habit of giving up doesn’t help much; working hard is the only way out as such

Now I don’t bother what the situation might be; I am fine as long as 'I am with me'